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A blog is the best way of dealing with news and updates, but Everweb does not yet have this facility, so I am creating this page to keep you informed on progress on the conversion to EverWeb and also to additions, etc.


Which means that all the pages are there, and all the internal links which enable you to move around the website are also complete.  I am now going through checking whether there are any inconsistencies in how I think it looks and how it actually looks.  Once I have completed this process I shall restore the external links, and following this, the links to all the sources for the pictures.  As you can imagine this will take some time and is a bit boring so I am also going to start adding new material to the website.  This means some completely new content - new people, new places, new topics, but might also mean that I finish some things that I started.

I have also decided not to publish pages that are not yet complete, and not to list them until they are complete.

New people added - William Henry Warner, Emma Turner

New places added - Rathcormac, Dublin