Dearman     Mollett     Merrick/Meyrick     Ellis     Jenkins     Nason     Magee     Richards     


The names above are the surnames of two generations back from myself and my husband - our parents and grandparents.  They are the main lines for exploration, though some (Ellis in particular) do not go back very far.  You will find this list on all the main directory kind of pages on this site - those in the navigation menu at the top of each page.

But the primary purpose of this page is as an index page - a bridge to link the trees and a quick way to find one of the ‘lesser’ surnames in our family tree plus any information we may have on the bearers of the names.  The names are arranged in alphabetical order.  Click on a name and you will be taken to the correct page.  Please note that it will probably be a long time before there are many names and/or links that are useful here.  Some of them are still only place markers with no 'stories' attached.

A thought to reflect upon.  Apart from Dearman, every new branch in the family tree going backwards in history (and hence every new surname)  and indeed in every other family tree, begins - or is it ends? - with a woman.

How the website works

Basically it all works with internal links.  Either click on the name of one of the eight main branches on the name menu on each page, or, on this page, find the surname you are interested in and follow the links from there.

Dearman     Mollett     Merrick/Meyrick     Ellis     Jenkins     Nason     Magee     Richards