The children

Sarah’s life was short and so she did not have many children - indeed only two survived her and she did not live to see them grow up.  It must have impacted on their subsequent personalities, though, by all accounts, in very different ways.

Unknown girl 1872-1872

The first child of Sarah Frances and John William Washington Nason was a girl, with no name.  The IGI enigmatically records her as Female Nason.  I assume that she was either stillborn or died shortly after birth.

Ethel F. Maude) 1873-?

The IGI has this child’s name as Esther Maude, but there is also a reference in Burke’s peerage to her name as Ethel, and I have since found other records which clearly have her as Ethel, so I think that the IGI has mistranscribed the original document.  Although her sister Kate mentions her here and there in her memoirs, she never tells us her name.  When their mother died and they returned to Ireland, Kate says of her that she “was of an easy-going temperament, [and] seemed able to adapt herself to the new existence without any sense of hardship.  She seemed always content to read, but not so I.”  But then she was two years older than Kate, which may have given her more resilience.  She would have been nine when her mother died and they were sent back to Ireland to live with their grandmother and two great aunts.

In 1894 Ethel married Cecil Orpin, a relatively recently graduated (1891) doctor (another one).  “I missed her horribly,” writes Kate, “for we had always been great chums in spite of our different temperaments.”  And indeed, having been orphaned at such a young age, the two girls must have been close.  In 1911 the Orpin family was living at 1 Marina Terrace, Youghal in County Cork (the Esplanade is shown at left) and were still there in 1919 according to the Medical Directory.  My husband confirms that ‘aunt’ Susan and ‘cousin’ Johnny - her brother, two of Ethel’s children, did indeed come from Cork.  So however, wealthy and well-connected these Nason and Bateman women were, they all seem to have married doctors.  I do not know when Ethel died.

There were at least four children of the marriage.

Kate Evelyn 1875-1933

My husband’s grandmother, the notorious Kate Meyrick, and most likely the daughter who most resembled her mother.  Her story is told here.

Lizzie Annie 1882-1882

This is only a possible baby for Sarah and Edwin Sandys Jackson.  She was just 3 months old when she died, but I have no real evidence that she was theirs.  If she was it is also possible that she was the ultimate cause of Sarah’s death.