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Sarah Frances Bateman

I love this portrait of Beatrice Townsend by John Singer Sargent.  The young lady in question is so pert, so alive, and this is how I see Sarah Frances Bateman.  It is dated 1882, so slightly too late to be truly representative of my husband’s ancestor - she died in 1882, but in spite of finding other possible portraits to use, I found myself returning to this one.

I actually know next to nothing about her or her short life, just a few salient facts, but the little we do know, from her daughter’s memoirs and a couple of documents suggest somebody very like the portrait above.

Sarah Frances Bateman

m John William Washington Nason 3 August, 1871 Monkstown, Dublin

m Edwin Sandys Jackson 1880 Rathdown, Dublin

d 1882 Great Sankey, Lancashire


? (1872-1872)

Ethel F. Maude (1873-?)

Kate Evelyn (1875-1933)


1st Marriage record

Transcriptions from Great Sankey parish

References from Kate’s book Secrets of the 43 Club



Hebrew meaning ‘princess.  Abraham’s wife was Sarah, but it has been a popular name for generations.


Sara, Zara


Sally, Sadie



From the Latin meaning free and later coming to mean a Frenchman.  It is the female version of Francis of course.


Francesca, Francine, Franke


Fanny, Franny, Fran, Frank, Frankie