John Jenkins

After marriage

Glamorgan 1848-1889?


St Nicholas - History - St Nicholas village has an excellent account of the history of the village

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So in 1848 John Jenkins’ bachelor days ended.  Although they were married in Wick, John gave his address as LLanblethian and Jane as St. Andrew’s Minor.  Both are not that far away from Wick which is Jane’s birthplace.  Nevertheless the witnesses are unknown to me - Elizabeth Jones and James Richardson, but I guess Elizabeth could be a sister and James an uncle or even a grandfather?  It’s an unprepossessing looking church is it not, although apparently mostly very old. Maybe it’s just that very strange tower.  They were both 26 and John was working as a gardener for now, but as we shall see he chopped and changed a bit.

I think they must have gone to live in Llanblethian because the first lot of children were all born there.

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