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Welcome to the new Dearman Mollett Family History Website

"We are what we have been"

I have at last abandoned iWeb as my creation software.  I waited a long time for Apple to change its mind about discontinuing it, but they seem, quite incomprehensibly, to have stuck to their guns.  But at last there is software that approximates it.  Everweb to the rescue.  Thank you Rage software.  

It has taken me a long time to copy it all over, but hopefully it's all onwards and upwards from here. I have tried to keep the look of the old website but may have made some changes here and there.  Hopefully for the better.  In the short term, however, please bear with me as there still much to do.  But the basic conversion is now complete.

Well I have just discovered a glitch in the surname navigation menu at the top of each page.  Hover your cursor just below the name, rather than actually on it and this should do the trick.  If not return to the Home Page or the Surnames page.

I have not restored the external links to websites of interest as yet.  This is my next task.  Some pages may also look messy as EverWeb does not seem to be truly 'what you see is what you get'.  It looks alright in my file, but when published there are problems.  I'm slowly correcting this though, page by page as required.  It's a learning process.  Last of all I shall restore the links from the pictures I used to their source.  As the basic conversion is now complete I shall also start adding new material alongside these technical tasks.  I have decided that work in progress will not be published until complete from now on.

A few words of introduction to the website

     •       Dearman is the male line of this particular family, Mollett the female, and this site aims to put the stories of our ancestors online.  I did a lot of research - it seems a waste not to publish it to the world - or at least the little bit of the world that might be interested.

     •       If you would like to comment on anything you see, or have any further information please let me know.  There are always more questions to answer, as almost every line is now at the brick wall stage, some more difficult to knock down than others.  Though I am a long way off writing up everything I know.  Send me an email  if you have further informationI would love to hear from you.  I do not look at this email address as often as I should, so please forgive me if I do not reply for a while - but I promise I will eventually.

     •       The About page will tell you how to navigate the site, what it is all about, how it came to be.

And there will still be lots of trees - beginning with Klimt’s famous Tree of Life - our front page symbol.  Not a very original choice I know but very apt for it is the couples who make the tree.

Updates and News

For progress reports.