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Gerald Osmond Hubert Mollett

I wish I had a photograph of my grandfather but I suspect we are never going to find one, so the picture above will have to stand in.  It is taken from the publicity material for a film, Nocturne, and is really a bit over the top, but it suits my internal vision of Gerald.

My grandfather died very young - he was 35 when he died - the age of my son now, so young - a life just beginning in today’s terms but in those days, like many, he already had a wife and young family.  My father was 11 when he died - almost at high school age.  Born into a well-off, respectable and boring Victorian family in prosperous south London, his life seems to have ultimately taken a tragic turn when he met his future wife, Maude Beatrice Magee.

Superficially his life was boringly ordinary - an accountant no less - or rather an accountant’s clerk - he never seems to have qualified as a chartered accountant.  So perhaps a bit of a failure?  The fact that he was the youngest son of a youngest son may have had something to do with it.  A lot of this story will parallel his wife’s, but I shall try to tell their overlapping story from a different viewpoint.

At least he escaped the horrors of WW1.

Gerald Osmond Hubert Mollett

b 4/1/1882 20 Grummant Rd., Camberwell

m Maude Beatrice Magee 12/1/1904 Camberwell

d 31/12/1917 Axbridge, Somerset


Florence Elsie - 1904-1928

Hubert Stanley - 1906-1978

Roland Harold - 1911- ca 1980

?Violet 1913-?

?Harry 1914-?


Birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Death certificate

Census for 1891, 1901, 1911

Birth certificates of all the children



From old German, meaning spear and rule.  


Geraldo, Jaret, Jarret, Jared, Gerard


Gerry, Gary



An old English name meaning divine protection.  It is also a surname, so it is possible he gained this name from a friend or associate of the family


Osman, Ormond


Oz, Ozzy - I’m guessing here!



Teutonic meaning heart, mind and bright.  Interesting that he chose the last of his names to pass to his older son.


Hubbard, Umberto


Bert, Berty