Dearman     Mollett     Merrick/Meyrick     Ellis     Jenkins     Nason     Magee     Richards     

Dearman     Mollett     Merrick/Meyrick     Ellis     Jenkins     Nason     Magee     Richards     


County Cork, Dublin, Lancashire

The Batemans are Irish - well I imagine that originally, way back, they must have been English.  Bateman is not a very Irish name.  The generations we currently know about were, however, Irish.  

Like the Nasons they seem to have originated in County Cork - there are several Batemans listed there - and subsequently moved to Dublin.  Wealthy - Charles lists no occupation on his daughter’s marriage certificate, but calls himself Esquire - but currently I do not know from where this wealth came.

So not a lot to say about this branch of the family tree.  We would love to hear from anyone who knows more.  Send us an email.

Charles Lum Bateman

Sarah Frances Bateman - 1882


meaning and origins

Two different origins are proposed. One is the keeper of a house of entertainment, and the other is a contentious man, from the Saxon bate, meaning strife, to beat, contention.  Then again it could be from the Saxon ‘bat’ meaning boat.  But then I found there is quite another proposition - that it has evolved from Bartholomew which means one abounding in furrows - i.e. a farmer (from Greek and Hebrew).  The change to Batemen is via the meaning “a servant of Bart’.  I have to say this derivation sounds a bit more far-fetched than the first two.  It is an ancient name though - there are instances as far back as medieval times and seems to have come from the midlands.


Baytman, Batman, Battman, Baitman

Bateman places


Dun Laoghaire