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Annie Tier

Annie Tier is one of those ancestors, whom I find hard to envisage somehow, even though she was in the living memory of my mother and her siblings.   But I didn’t hear anything about her.  So the portrait at right stands in for the many hard-working wives of late nineteenth century tradesmen - her husband was a shipwright and draughtsman.   To me she is more of a type than an actual person.

Her parentage is a bit of a mystery.  Well we know who her mother is, but not her father.  We can guess, but it is very probably just that and not based on any facts at all.  So mysterious beginning, but clear later life, well documented in census records.  

You would think I would have a photograph, but no, unless the other lady in one of the photographs of my grandmother is her.

Annie Tier

b 1856 Portsmouth

m Willie/William John Richards

27 June, 1878, Portsea

d 6 December 1927 Portsea


Alice Maud 1880-1962

Flora Annie 1882-

Edith Jessie 1882-

May 1886-

Jessie 1888-

William George 1891-

Ernest Edwin 1894-

Thomas Francis 1896-


Marriage certificate

Death certificate

Census - 1861-1911

Alice’s birth certificate



A variation, or nickname really of Ann, one of the all-tim favourite names, from the Hebrew meaning ‘grace’.  Annie is much less formal than Ann.


Ann, Hannah, Anna,